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Michelle Hendrixson-Miller was raised in Nashville, but has lived in Columbia, for over 23 years. She earned her BS in Sociology from Middle Tennessee State. She received her MFA from Queens University of Charlotte, where she served as poetry editor of the inaugural issue of Qu Literary Magazine. Her poems have appeared in Poem, Poems & Play, The Lake, Main Street Rag, Iodine Poetry Journal, Chiron Review, The Meadow, Shot Glass, Josephine Quarterly, One, The Fourth River, Red River Review, Mudfish, Harbor Review, Thrush, Museum of Americano, 2RiverView, Gingerbread House, One Art, Rust and Moth and others

Full List of Publications

"October Eclipse” “What I Knew About Being a Milk Carton Kid Before There Were Milk Carton Kids” “As if I Could Warn You, As if it Would Change Things” One Art (January, 2023 online)

“When My Father Visits My Dreams” 2RiverView, (Spring 2022 online)

“Self-Portrait as Hansel and Gretel in Hansel’s Voice” Gingerbread House Poetry Journal (2022 online)

“Where I was the Day that Colony Collapse Disorder was Added to the Dictionary” (2019): 

The Museum of Americana

“Seagulls as Snow” (2019): The Museum of Americana (online)

“In the Ether of Disappointng, Not Devastating News” (2019): Thrush (online)

“After Separation” Chiron Review (2019): print.

 “Nothing Ends” (2018): Harbor Review (online)

“Sjogren’s Syndrome” (2017): ONE, online

 “Lot” Mudfish ( 2017): Print. 

“List.” Mudfish (2017). Print. 

“Responsibility” The Fourth River (2016): Online.

“Beginning Middle End.” Still (May 2016): Online.

“How I Will Stop Finding Ashes in My Closet Floor.” The Moth (May 2016): Print. 

“Hawk” Adirondack Review (Winter 2016): Online. 

“Rain Wasn’t Always a Raging Metaphor” Eunoia (February 2016): Online. 

“Ravel” Eunoia (February, 2016): Online. 

“Monica Smoking Kools With Me in the Alley at the Age of Eight” Main Street Rag, (2015): Print

 “Sjogren’s Syndrome” One (November 2015): Online


(Summer 2015): Online

“Summation” Shot Glass Journal (June 2015): Online. 

“Grief” The Lake (April, 2015): Online

“At the Center of the Domed Upward Sky” Meadow (2014): Print

“Net” Meadow (2014): Print

“Sadness is a Body Part” Poems and Plays (2014): Print

“What Leaving Was Like After 22 Years” Poems and Plays (2014): Print

“Etiquette” Poems and Plays (2014): Print

“On Lakes of Fire” Main Street Rag (2014): Print

“Zen Travel Plans” Iodine Poetry Journal (2012): Print

“In the Absence of a Perfect Language” Poems and Plays (2011): Print

“Short Essay on the Relativity of Relative Happiness” Poems and Plays, Nominated for Pushcart, (2011): Print

“The Late Friday Hours” Poems and Plays (2011): Print

“The Minimalist on Summer” Poems and Plays (2006): Print

“Turning Out Pockets” Poems and Plays (2006):Print

“Dog Eared” Poem (2006): Print

“After Visiting a Friend’s Farm the Question of Eternal Bliss” Poem (2006): Print

“In Response to Restlessness” Poem (2003): Print

“Ode to the Belly Button” Poem (2003): Print

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